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November 08, 2023

In today's oversaturated marketplace, brands constantly compete for their share of consumer mind space. With new competitors popping up every day, how can you make your brand stand out? The answer lies in Strategic Brand Positioning.

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Let’s look at two new coffee shops in Bengaluru - Cafe Alpha and Cafe Omega. Despite having similar offerings, Cafe Alpha enjoyed greater popularity and profits. What was Cafe Alpha's secret sauce? Building a distinct brand positioning.

Cafe Alpha positioned itself as a trendy hangout for Millennials and Gen Z. Its branding highlighted the cafe's minimalist decor, extensive beverage menu, and cool background music. Cafe Omega simply branded itself as a neighbourhood coffee shop. It didn't differentiate its offerings clearly for any target audience.

Cafe Alpha carved out a unique niche for itself. It became the go-to place for young professionals seeking an informal work and leisure space. Cafe Omega remained just another coffee shop.

Strategic brand positioning is about identifying your core target audience and tailoring your brand identity to resonate with them. An effective brand positioning strategy should:

  • Pinpoint your target audience: Identify the key demographics, psychographics, geographics, and behaviours of your ideal customers. Create focused buyer personas.
  • Understand customer needs: Dig deep into what your audience wants and values. Map their pain points and desires. Spot gaps in the market.
  • Communicate a unique value proposition: Communicate what makes your brand different and better. Show how you solve customer problems in a distinctive way.
  • Align your branding: Your logo, tagline, visuals, voice, and messaging should reinforce your desired brand image.
  • Deliver on your promise: Walk the talk. Ensure the customer experience aligns with your stated brand positioning.

Case Study: Asian Paints

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An example of brilliant brand positioning comes from Asian Paints in India. For decades, white paints dominated the Indian market. Seeing an opportunity, Asian Paints launched its Colour World campaign in the late 90s. It educated consumers about using colours in their homes and promoted Asian Paints as a colour expert. This strategic positioning as a colour authority fuelled Asian Paints' tremendous growth.

Signatures1 creations: AMMIIS

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One of our creations - AMMIIS is an exemplary brand that has successfully positioned itself in the minds of its target audience. It has focused on creating an emotional appeal through its brand name "AMMIIS" meaning mothers, and the tagline "The Taste of Home". Along with its ready to eat snacks, meals or drinks and a strong connection to South Indian culture, AMMIIS has leveraged tradition to market itself. The brand's positioning is further enhanced through its marketing materials, its packaging and advertising.

In today's crowded marketplace, strategic brand positioning is vital for business success. By clearly articulating your unique value and connecting emotionally with your core audience, you can make your brand stand out. Just be sure to remain authentic, consistent and deliver on your promises.

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